In today's world, chat AI has become increasingly prevalent in our daily lives. However, it is important to recognize that while AI is capable of many impressive feats, we cannot rely on it to generate ideas for obscure topics right from the start. Before delving into the depths of AI capabilities, it is crucial to have a starting map in place, no matter how narrow or imperfect it may be.


As I have mentioned before, it is imperative that we lead the way when using AI and not relinquish control to the AI bot. Doing so could lead to unsatisfactory and useless outcomes, starting from an unclear and vague point.


Here are two tips to consider when faced with an uncertain topic or if you are unsure of what you want:

1. Start with a concise question: To begin your interaction with AI, pose a very specific and concise question. The more focused your question, the better. You can choose any topic that interests you without feeling the need to commit to the bigger picture or a roadmap. Simply having a concise question will guide you in the right direction, eventually leading to a clearer understanding of the bigger picture.

2. Conduct preliminary research: Despite living in the age of AI, there is still value in following the traditional approach of studying a topic on your own. You don't need to become an expert or invest excessive effort into understanding the subject matter. Merely familiarizing yourself with the topic will suffice. Once you have a basic understanding or a partial map, you can then turn to AI for further assistance.


Regardless of the method you choose, the core principle remains the same: take small steps and avoid making giant leaps when the bigger picture is not yet clear. By starting with a narrow focus and gradually expanding your understanding, you can ensure a more fruitful and effective AI experience.


Lastly, it is essential to exercise caution when incorporating multiple diverse topics within a single AI chat thread. Doing so may result in a confusing and difficult-to-comprehend outcome, as the AI may struggle to make sense of the various contexts provided.


Remember, while AI has incredible potential, it is still essential to establish a starting point and lead the way to maximize its benefits.


The Importance of Having a Starting Map for AI Usage