When utilizing modern LLMs (Large Language Models) AI, like ChatGPT, it’s important to be mindful of small typos, as they can cost you significant time, especially in the realm of programming.


I recall a few months back, while I was coding this blog site using Django, I utilized the early version 3.5 of ChatGPT as a helpful coding assistant. When I was working on the pagination part, I mistakenly typed "bootstrap_pagination" instead of the correct "bootstrap_paginate." I used the code generated by ChatGPT 3.5, and despite multiple attempts, I couldn’t get it to work. I found it quite strange that all the code previously generated by ChatGPT had worked seamlessly, yet this one failed. After spending a few minutes searching on Google, I realized my mistake; I had remembered the name wrong, and it was indeed "bootstrap_paginate."


Fast forward to today, this weakness in ChatGPT has been somewhat addressed but is not completely resolved. So, here’s a little tip: While AI is a fantastic tool to quickly form solutions, always use Google as a secondary check for accuracy. If the AI-generated result doesn’t work, don’t spend too much time troubleshooting with AI prompts. Instead, a quick Google search can often save you loads of time.


Now, I must return to my new game-design work. I hope to find more time in the future to craft longer posts. Thanks for reading.

Pay Attention to Small Typos When Using ChatGPT, Especially for Coding