This is a short post that does not offer any tips or methods. After using ChatGPT and other AI tools/platforms for almost a year, I suddenly had an idea. This idea can also be seen as a need - a need to create a digital copy of my mind within the AI context.


I've noticed that the most common scenarios in which I use these tools rely heavily on the information, knowledge, and thinking that resides within my brain. If I could duplicate my brain, or at least duplicate the information and knowledge it holds, and input it into my favorite AI tools as a persistent (or even dynamic) context, all tasks could be taken to a whole new level of effectiveness.


Furthermore, building upon this idea, if I could create multiple copies of my mind and assign different roles to each copy, allowing them to work together, I believe I could accomplish more and explore a wider range of ideas.


So, this is simply a short blog post to document this idea. I hope to find a way to bring this idea to life in the coming year. If I do find a way, I will test it out and write a post about it.

I Want to Create a Digital Version of Myself